Getting Started with WordPress part1

These are the slides for a presentation I made at WordPress meetup Luxembourg in September 2017. Someday I may turn all of this information into a long and in depth post.  Maybe even a small book, who knows?

In the meantime, I thought I’d release these slides in the hope they will be useful.

I also added some additional links, info and resources  to the original slides. I hope this makes them more helpful for anyone who did not attend the presentation.

Intended audience

Absolute beginners + beginner to intermediate bloggers and site owners may get a few tips and best practices.

Topics covered

The goal is to give beginners everything they need to know to get started with WordPress. Whether they want a blog, an online resume or their own business website, this is where to begin.

I also tried to include a few tips and best practices (don’t you forget to make backups!) along with the steps-by-step walkthrough.

The presentation starts with what WordPress is exactly, and what you can do with it. To put things in perspective, I couldn’t help but include some stats (28.7% of the web!).

I completed the intro with a few example of well known brands and websites powered by WordPress that you didn’t suspect!

We then move on to how and where to get a domain name and hosting, which is the very first step to becoming a website owner.

Then we see how to install WordPress, either with a one-click auto-installer, or manually with WordPress’ “famous 5-minutes install”.

Once we got the basic installation out of the way, we have a look around the admin dashboard and discuss how (the most important) things work: general settings, posts and pages, the content editor, menus and widgets.

We complete the setup by picking and installing a starter theme, while explaining the concept of separation of core, presentation and functionality. Lastly we take this opportunity to introduce plugins, what they are and how to make the best of them.

You will find the second part here.

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