Front and Back-end WordPress development

Themes development

Responsive, pixel-perfect and user-friendly presentation for your content.

Plugins development

Extending WordPress functionalities above and beyond to reach your goals.

Optimisation and maintenance

Improving details, making your site run smoother, or taking care of it so you don’t have to.

WordPress consulting

Need a WP expert? Let’s discuss your project to build the online platform that matches it!

The WordPress way

When building a website, a theme or a plugin, a WordPress developer is expected to do thing the “WordPress way”. This is not only about making things that work, but also about building them properly. This means following the WordPress code standards and best practices. It also mains using WordPress core functionalities whenever possible instead of re-inventing the wheel.

The result is a cleaner code base, less bloat and websites and web apps that run faster and more securely. Functionalities built the WordPress way will also benefit from every WordPress update without the need to add anything. They are also much less likely to break or require any ajustements after these updates.

Websites, Themes and Plugins that are

Easy to use

Easy for you to manage your content and for your visitors to navigate it and find what you want them to see.

Mobile responsive

Websites need to look great on all devices. Responsive design alows them to adapt to any mobile or tablet screen.

Fast and secure

Features you need implemented the right way with clean code, along with the right hosting, to make your site fly.

Built to last

Following WordPress best practices ensures that your site will improve instead of breaking with every WordPress update.

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