Getting Started with WordPress part2

Here are the slides for the presentation I made at WordPress meetup Luxembourg in October 2017. This was the second part of the “Getting started with WordPress” series.

You can find part 1 here.

Intended audience

Absolute beginners + beginner to intermediate bloggers and site owners may get a few tips and best practices.
I recommend you have a look at part 1 first if you haven’t already!

Topics covered

In this presentation I followed up with the first part with additional tips and best practices. I tried to cover a few topics I consider most important to start on the right foot.

I start with backups, which I already mentionned in part 1. This time I take a moment to explain exactly what makes a backup, how to make them and how to plan an effective backup strategy.

Then I covered some security basics. There is of course much more to securing a WordPress website, but I tried to cover some important things that are easy to implement. If beginners follows these good practices and make them a habbit, I think it will help them make their site more secure than average already.

Lastly I spoke a bit about optimising a WordPress site for speed and SEO. Again there is definitely much more to it than what I covered here. However if beginners implement this right from the start, I believe their website will get a headstart in the right direction!

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