WordCamp Europe 2019: Livestream links to every talk

It’s been quite some time since I wrote this post about my first experience as a volunteer at a WordCamp in Utrecht in 2017. Since then I kept co-organising the local WordPress Meetup in Luxembourg-city, attended and volunteered at quite a few other WordCamps, and went on to be part of the organising team at WordCamp Europe 2019 last week in Berlin – which turned out to be the largest WordPress conference ever (so far!) with 2734 attendees present.

It’s been quite a ride since we started working on it 10 months ago back in September, and words can’t express how amazing it was to see this event come to life and how rewarding it felt to get so much positive feedback from everyone, even though we still left some room for improvement for WCEU 2020 in Porto to be even better.

Livestream links

The 3 main tracks featured a variety of talks delivered by world-class speakers. As usual at every WordCamp, all talks were recorded and the videos are currently being worked on in post-production so professionally edited videos of each individual talk will soon be published on wordpress.tv.

The main stages were also livestreamed, and the streams are still available to replay on Youtube, in the form of six 7.5 hours long videos. If you can’t wait for edited videos to be uploaded on wordpress.tv to catch up with some talks, I put together a list of deep links to each talk in these livestream videos.

For more info about each talk and speaker, check out the schedule on WordCamp Europe 2019 website.

Opening remarks

Friday Track 1

Friday Track 2

Friday Track 3

Saturday Track 1

Saturday Track 2

Saturday Track 3

Closing remarks

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